"Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" Game Clothing Guide (2023)

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As you may already know, in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, items of clothing have a heart or star next to them before purchasing. After you buy the item, the hearts and stars disappear.

I created this clothing guide to help take the mystery out of the wardrobe. If you buy enough of the right outfits to wear every time, it will earn you points, fans and fame. If you don't have the right outfits, you will be the laughingstock of the game. Your dates and photographers will literally tell you that you are a fashion not. To avoid that humiliation, use the guide below to look your best for every occasion.

In this guide, I go over girls' hair, tops, and outfits and outline which ones have hearts, stars, or neither.

Celebrity Status

Video: Tips on Keeping Fashion Forward

How to Up Your Clothes Game in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Fashion, obviously, plays a huge part in the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game. For example, when you buy clothes upwards of $1300, you should get thousands of new fans.

The game is updated semi-frequently, giving you new clothes options for purchase. These new clothes are very fashion-forward and buying them can increase the size of your fan base. Some of the clothes are actually replicas of what Kim Kardashian and her sisters, Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian, have worn. You can see some pictures of this below.

When you purchase clothing that has either hearts or stars, it will increase the heart and star count in your wardrobe. In turn, this will give you bonuses on gigs and dates.

Here are some outfits and hairstyles that will help you look your best, rise to the A-list, and get those fans to adore you.

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There are many hairstyles to choose from. The options below are the ones available to you when you first start the game, and they have no hearts or stars next to them. They are all free and are pretty enough to make your character look stylish.

"Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" Game Clothing Guide (4)

Tops & Outfits

The tops, dresses and outfits below are the clothing items available for free when you first start the game, and they have no hearts or stars next to them. This section includes:

  • Shirts
  • Sweaters
  • Crop tops
  • Dresses

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These items are enough to get you through the first few levels quickly before having to buy any new clothing.

"Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" Game Clothing Guide (8)

The clothing items below all have a star next to them before you buy them. After you buy them, the stars will disappear. This section includes:

  • Shirts
  • Sweaters
  • Tops
  • Dresses
  • Bikini tops
  • Bathing suits
  • Many other outfits

You want buy enough of these to get your star number as high as you can. This will help you get bonuses on gigs like photo shoots, appearances, commercials, tv shows, and movies.

Shirts, Dresses & Outfits (Stars)

"Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" Game Clothing Guide (10)
"Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" Game Clothing Guide (11)

The clothing items below all have a heart next to them before you buy them. After you buy them, the hearts will disappear. This section includes

  • Shirts
  • Sweaters
  • Tops
  • Dresses
  • Bikini tops
  • Bathing suits
  • Some other different outfits

You want to buy enough of these to get your heart number as high as you can. This will help you get bonuses on dates.

Shirts, Dresses & Outfits (Hearts)

"Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" Game Clothing Guide (12)

Game Fun Fact

Kim Kardashian dug through her and her sisters' closets to pick out some cute outfits for the game that they've worn in real life. She chose clothing that they've worn on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and to all kinds of star-studded events and red carpets.

These amazing styles are featured in this game for your character to wear. Below are just three of the many clothing items they've recreated.

"Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" Game Clothing Guide (13)

More Clothing Replicas

"Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" Game Clothing Guide (14)
(Video) Kim

"Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" Game Clothing Guide (15)

"Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" Game Clothing Guide (16)

"Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" Game Clothing Guide (17)

"Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" Game Clothing Guide (18)

Kim Kardashian wears a gorgeous beige dress in Paris

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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game Guide

If you want more insider knowledge on this game, check out the comprehensive guide I wrote that includes information on:

  • Clothing
  • Game Locations
  • Money, Jobs & Gigs
  • People & Dating
  • Winning the Game

Good luck!

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Kyle on June 02, 2020:


NoHumanVerification from United States on April 28, 2019:

Thank you so much

Michael on September 13, 2017:

Can you pls give a clothing guide for men's wardrobe?

Sara on May 28, 2017:

Cool thanks for the help

(Video) The DARK TRUTH of KIM KARDASHIAN: Lies, Fraud & Manipulation | Downfall

Ana Tana on September 13, 2016:

So I got a quest that said I need to try my new beige dress (Glam med up) but I don't know which one is beige dress..Which one is the beige dress?

ErinLuigeeD on August 29, 2016:

I really love this GAME SOOO MUCH

My name in the game is King Erin

Tammy on April 03, 2016:

For the Kim k hack, I did all the steps but the ifunbox will only let me download the classic version and then it won't show the Kim k game folders. Now I've lost everything and the hack does not work

Alfie Lee on December 24, 2015:

I never knew this game existed till today. And now I'm just.... tempted to actually give it a try, haha!

Aaron on November 01, 2015:

Men's clothing??

Tiana Jane on October 15, 2015:

In the app I got 53+fans by doing this..

In the closet click or tap the jewellery section and scroll down then you will see some leggings (BUT YOU MUST HAVE A SHORT SHIRT ON!)

and put the leggings on even if you haven't bought them but don't wear a dress or pants just wear the leggings and the shirt then on the leggings there will be an X to take it off .Ok,Tap or click that then leave your closet and This thingy will come up and say something like you have a stylish look.This worked for me cuz I'm a girl so it might only work on girls but sorry boys :(

Anyways My real name on the app is Tiana Jane!

Thanks for reading!:)

ApryllAreema on April 20, 2015:

So what kind of laptop can you use

Mimosa on April 19, 2015:

Hello ! I have a question...did the developers blocked players who have the hack? I have the hack for a while now and it worked just fine,but for the past 4-5 days I can't get in the game. I can see the loading screen,it shows me that indeed it's loading but then it freezes and crashes getting me out from the game....what should I do?

tash on March 10, 2015:

add me on game centre !Xx..tasha..xX!

janric on February 12, 2015:

(Video) NEW Kitchen REVEAL + NEW Bedroom REVEAL!!! (VLOG) + What I Eat in A Day (Cooking Recipes) + DIY

love the game

Janric55 on February 12, 2015:

Add me please

Shellie on January 19, 2015:

How do I add you guys?

Kaitlin on January 12, 2015:

⚠️ Please update with pants, accessories and shoes! ⚠️

Hezekiah from Japan on January 05, 2015:

Looks like something my daughter would get into.

Shellie on December 08, 2014:

Please update with accessories and shoes.

Ashley on December 07, 2014:

The only problem I have is that stupid daily mystery box or whatevz! Do ya have any tips on how ta know da right one ta pick

Chris on December 05, 2014:

Could you make a guide for the shoes and accessories please?

Omar on October 01, 2014:

How about some men clothes

rose on September 17, 2014:

Why is their a white outfit that cost k stars to gift to someone but not in our wardrobe

S_Emglish on September 15, 2014:

It worked wonderfully! Thanks for sharing!

Keri on September 07, 2014:

yaaay thank you!!

AngelaRM (author) on September 06, 2014:

(Video) VLOG ♡ waking up at 5:20am for work, cooking korean hangover soup & office party 🥃💐

Yes, I'm currently working on it.

Keri on September 05, 2014:

are you going to update the clothing guide with shoes and bottoms etc. anytime soon?


How do you dress your partner on Kim Kardashian Hollywood? ›

You can customize your partner's outfit by clicking on the “Gift” button next to their name in the Contacts list. You can preview clothing that you haven't purchased by clicking on the item.

Do you throw drinks at Willow Pape? ›

Throw The Drink

When asked if you want to toss a glass of booze-a-hol at The Pape's face, follow your heart. Chuck that beverage and reap the rewards. I've noticed that when I choose to be rude to The Pape, my fan base receives a boost. If you exchange verbal jabs with The Pape, it keeps the feud alive.

Does the KKH game end? ›

Unlike some games, where the objective is to rescue a character or complete a set number of levels, Kim Kardashian's iPhone game doesn't really have an ending point. So is there a way to "win" Kim Kardashian: Hollywood? Technically, there is and it has to do with how many fans you have.

What does the closet do in KKH? ›

The Storage Kloset is a place you put items you don't want to see in your wardrobe. If you change your mind, don't worry. By tapping on the Storage Kloset button in this room, you can also move clothes from the Storage Kloset to your wardrobe. Cool.

What happens if I break up with my husband KKH? ›

If you break up with someone, a broken heart will appear by their name in you contacts list.

When can you have a baby in KKH? ›

Having A Baby. You must be at least at level 9 in the game and own one home in order to unlock the Babies feature in the game. You do not need to be married in order to have a baby. 12,000 relationship points.


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