INsiders Guide: Rosie Charles, Lady London, NLE Choppa and Moneybagg Yo, ARMNHMR, Yumi Zouma, Cassie Marin, Cam M….. (2023)

London born and Manchester based Rosie self-released her debut single ‘Lonely’ in 2021, the track now has over 140k streams on Spotify. Rosie uses her self-taught musical talent with honest lyricism to define her Soul and R&B inspired sound.

Six months after her last release she is now back with her second single ‘Green and Gold’

East Coast-born artistLady Londonkeeps the momentum at a magnitude, fresh from the release of her debut project“Lady Like: The Boss Tape,” with the official music video unveil of “Lisa’s Story” featuring Harlem rapperDub Aura. Encapsulating a New York romancestory that holds a glowing beam of nostalgia native to her roots, Lady London visually displays the range of her artistry for one of her most revered freestyles with today’s visual release.


Lisa’s Story conceptually came to fruition in 2020 for the NJ/NY creative and went viral over social media instantly upon release as fans— from celebrities to followers— joined in on re-creating overall covers over the irresistible track that flipsFoxy Brown’sGet Me Home.” Directed byOni Honestyand creative directed by Lady London, London takes on the role of ‘Lisa,’ and calls on Bronx rapperMaliibu Miitch[Give Her Some Money, Double O] to bring to life the role of ‘Dior’—Lisa’s best friend who forewarn her about the risks that may arise from dealing with love interest ‘Money.’Dub Aura[Notorious featuringDave East], spits a newly introduced verse from the perspective of Money that adds a dose of dimension to the track and takes listeners on a roller-coaster of emotions for the tantalizing narrative.

Turning up with an anthem for Bluff City, two multiplatinum Memphis titansNLE Choppaand Moneybagg Yo join forces on a brand new single entitled “Too Hot.” It sets the stage for the arrival ofNLE Choppa’s anxiously awaited new mixtape,Me vs. Me,out next Friday, January 21, 2022. Listen to “Too Hot”HERE. Pre-orderMe vs. MeonNLE Entertainment/Warner RecordsHERE.

The track hangs on a propulsive 808-driven trap beat and formidable bass line. Right out of the gate,NLE Choppalaunches into a fast-paced flow punctuated by quotable bars. Moneybagg Yo pulls up with a hard-hitting verse of his own. Together, they deliver a banger tailormade for their hometown, yet primed to pop off in clubs worldwide.“Too Hot” practically scorches on impact.

It arrives on the heels of “Drop Shit,” which raked in 8million global streams. In addition to plugs fromREVOLT,HotNewHipHop, and more,UPROXXraved, “this holiday moment might just be the cherry on top of a breakout year for him.”

In addition to fan favourites such as “Jumpin” [feat. Polo G], the project kicks off with the sixth instalment of his now-legendary “Shotta Flow” series, “Shotta Flow 6.” Elsewhere, he leans into a slimy and slick melody on “Push It” [feat. Young Thug], while “Chicago To Memphis” [feat. G Herbo] unites two distinct regions on one dynamic collaboration. “Final Warning” issues a menacing chorus over ominous production, and “Youngest To Do It” serves as a much-deserved lyrical victory lap.

In celebration of the first stop on their massive North American tour, ARMNHMR today shared their new single, “Falling Apart (feat. RUNN)” on Monstercat. The song arrives as the second record off their anticipated ‘Waiting For Love’ EP, due out March 2022. Known for their innate ability to craft emotive, vocal-driven hits, “Falling Apart” flexes their musicality, blending dynamic guitar riffs and dramatic percussive elements that enrich RUNN’s poignant lyricism.

ARMNHMR share, ‘Falling Apart’ was a song we had written a couple years ago. It was a song that really encapsulated what we had gone through while first adjusting to this lifestyle. We were at a point where we wanted to step outside of our comfort zone and tap into our musical roots.

ARMNHMR have swept the live space over the last year, performing multiple sets at EDC Las Vegas, main stage slots at Escape and Audiotistic SF, and sold-out shows at City National Grove of Anaheim and Hollywood Palladium. Next they’ll embark on their largest headline tour to date, kicking it off tonight at the iconic House of Blues Anaheim, followed by prominent venues such as San Jose Civic, 9:30 Club, Webster Hall, and over 20 additional cities throughout the country. With support from the likes of Kompany, Ray Volpe, Nostalgix, and Fairlane, ARMNHMR’s ‘Waiting For Love’ tour will feature brand new music and their immersive ‘Infinite Skies’ experience at select dates – it’s not a show you’ll want to miss

International alt-pop bandYumi Zoumahas announced the release of their eagerly awaited new album.Present Tensearrives via Polyvinyl on Friday, March 18; pre-orders are available now. The New Zealand-born band’s fourth studio album is preceded by the rousing new single, “In The Eyes Of Our Love,” available today at all DSPs and streaming services. The track arrives alongside the first in a mesmerizing trilogy of official music videos directed by filmmakerAlex Ross Perry(Soccer Mommy, Vivian Girls, Sleigh Bells), is streaming now via YouTube.


“Recorded at 204bpm, ‘In The Eyes Of Our Love’ is a rip-roaring belter of a track and the fastest song we’ve ever written,”says the band’s Charlie Ryder.“What started out as an homage to Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift ended up as a love song set against a backdrop of torture and insurrection stoked by the Nixon administration, so if you like songs with two bridges and strong socialist leanings, then ‘In The Eyes Of Our Love’ could be the track for you!”

“Agreeing to make three interconnected videos was something I should have thought about for longer than 15 seconds before agreeing to it,”says director Perry.“The anxiety of conceptualizing a small story, that can be told without dialogue, and set to music, gripped me from the moment my video call with the band ended. Their thoughts were excellent, specific, and unachievable with the time and resources I would be able to pull together. But I began to feel inspired by the concept of taking these vast ideas and situating them within a single location, transforming the aesthetic, visuals and mood to match the three different songs. My only chance for success was to rely heavily on a great cast and crew to create these spaces and film them in a way that felt consistently alive and unique. Fortunately for me, they all over delivered.”

Los Angeles-based vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Cassie Marin is back with her new single, “Every Time I See The Ocean.”

Infusing her harmonic electro-pop beats with ethereal R&B vocals, “Every Time I See The Ocean” is an evocative and captivating listen. Confronting the malaise of alienation, Cassie opens her heart to anyone who has ever felt misunderstood. It’s a song about searching for acceptance in a world where people expect you to remain the same, finding comfort in change, and finding strength in the solitude and pain.

The title of the track — “Every Time I See The Ocean” — is an ode to Cassie’s upbringing near the beach. Expanding on this, she says,

I didn’t have anyone to play withas a child, but somehow the ocean had a presence so strong I forgot about my feelings of loneliness when I would swim in it. I remember daydreaming underwater and using my imagination in ways that felt so close to magic. I felt I metamorphosed in there. To this day I really do change drastically when I visit the ocean, it’s like taking a vitamin that induces me to refresh and be deeply honest with myself.This song is that to me,a dip into an underwater daydream.

Alt-pop artist Cam M. has just released her newest single, “Karma.” The entrancing track slowly builds from a haunting beginning to a mesmerizing beat that will have you bopping along. Cam M.’s lyricism and production style continue to create a mark on the dark-pop genre with this newest song.“Karma” is now available to download and stream on digital music platforms worldwide.

After a trying experience that caused her to face changes in several relationships in her life, Cam M. penned her bold response with “Karma.” The most important aspect of each music release for Cam is the authenticity to her own thought process, “Karma” continues that aspect and shows another glimpse into her life and experiences. Produced by GrizD, the song starts with a haunting beginning, slowly bringing in soft beats and a steady guitar creating the perfect backing track to Cam’s passionate and silvery vocals. “I wrote this song after finding out about a false rumor that had caused me to lose a lot of my friends. Although the person who spread the rumor was trying to take people away from me, we actually ended up coming together over bad experiences with her a year later,” says Cam M. “This song is about how manipulating others can backfire and leave you lonelier than the people you tried to hurt.” The sassy lyrics convey the message that sometimes things don’t always have the wanted reaction. Cam M. sings, “Was it better in Wonderland? Who’s the villain now?” Karma is a universal experience, making this single relatable yet unique for listeners to vibe to.

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