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When it comes to the Disney Villains, they aren’t always celebrated at Walt Disney World. Halloween is the main event of the year when the Villains get to celebrate and are showcased to Guests. During Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in Magic Kingdom, the following villains and sidekicks are available for Guests to interact with:

  • Cruella De Vil roaming Fantasyland
  • Jafar in Adventureland
  • Gaston, with Belle, in Fantasyland
  • Queen of Hearts and the Tweedles in front of the Mad Tea Party
  • Lotso in Tomorrowland

The Disney Villains also play a key role in ending the Mickey’s Boo To You Parade during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. Additionally, they feature in the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular, which is shown several times throughout the evening on the stage in front of Cinderella Castle.

Credit: V Mills

Disney Villains in Lake Buena Vista

Aside from Halloween, the Disney Villains are generally not seen in and around the Disney theme parks in the Walt Disney World Resort, unless they feature in a ride or attraction. Captain Hook and Smee are featured in Peter Pan’s Flight. Zurg plays a part in Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. You’ll see the evil sea witch, Ursula in Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid. And lookout for the old hag, also known as the Evil Queen, at the end of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. When showing, Fantasmic! in Disney’s Hollywood Studios also features some Disney Villains as part of the story. It would be rude of us to forget the Dragon from Sleeping Beauty (1959) that Maleficent famously transformed into, which stars, daily, in the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade in Magic Kingdom.

Credit: Disney

In terms of Guest interactions, the usual villains and sidekicks that can be seen around Lake Buena Vista, on a daily basis, include:

  • Gaston in Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom
  • Lady Tremaine, Anastasia & Drizella in Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom
  • Darth Vadar has been known to meet Guests in Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • the Evil Queen meets Guests dining in Artist Point at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Apart from these sightings, the Disney Villains are absent from the Disney Parks. That is unless there are special events that are offered to Guests at an additional cost.

Disney Villains After Hours

During the early months of 2020, prior to the Covid pandemic, Disney Villains After Hours took place on select nights in Magic Kingdom. Beginning February 7, 2020, Guests with purchased tickets could enjoy Disney entertainment centered around the Disney Villains, whilst enjoying rides and attractions around the Disney theme park. Tickets to the event cost $145, plus tax, for every Guest, if purchased in advance. For Guests purchasing tickets on the day of an event, they paid $155, plus tax. Guests attending the event were able to spend 3 hours in Magic Kingdom, enjoying all of the special additions to the theme park for the evening, as well as lower crowds.

Special lighting was used to light areas of Magic Kingdom, and villainous music was the soundtrack of the evening. Guests were treated to the ‘Villains Unite the Night’ stage show in front of Cinderella Castle. In this show, Hades, Jafar, the Evil Queen, Dr. Facilier, and Maleficent took over the universe. Other favorite Disney Villains, and their henchmen, are featured in the Villains’ Cursed Caravan parade, several times throughout the evening.

Guests were treated to unlimited ice cream, soda and popcorn throughout their time in Magic Kingdom, as well as having the opportunity to buy special merchandise and themed food offerings. The fun didn’t stop until Guests had exited Magic Kingdom, as the Villains were gathered on Main Street station to bid farewell to Guests once the evening had come to an end.

Credit: Disney

Club Villain

There has been one other evening offered to Walt Disney World Guests, that we had the privilege to experience. Club Villain was a special ticketed event hosted in Sunset Showcase at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The event ran on Friday and Saturday evenings from September 2 to October 31, 2016, with two seatings per evening: an earlier sitting at 5:15 p.m., and a later sitting at 8:30 p.m. The event had also previously run from January 2016 and returned later in the year due to its popularity with Disney Guests. Tickets for the event were $129 per person, plus tax, and included tax and gratuity.

Own Private table

The night began by being welcomed into the event and guided to an assigned table. Guests passed by Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, to access Sunset Showcase.

Tables sat 4 Guests, so either a party of 4 or two parties of 2 Guests. Guests used the one table thought the evening. Chairs were placed on the huge dance floor that filled the center of the room. This allowed the show element of the evening to be enjoyed by all Guests. Once Guests had their table, they could help themselves to the delicious food and incredible beverages that were on offer.

Credit: V Mills

New Orleans-Inspired Cuisine

The evening was hosted by none other than the fabulous Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog (2009). As such, the theming of the event was inspired by New Orleans cuisine. Guests could help themselves to a full dinner buffet, which served up:

  • Sautéed shrimp with spicy Andouille sausage, tomatoes, and onions over creamy polenta
  • Carved herb and garlic-rubbed Strip Loin of Beef with a wild mushroom demi
  • Voodoo Sticky Pig Wings with Citrus Gremolata
  • Vegetarian Dirty Rice
  • Vegetarian Black Eyed Peas
  • Vegetarian kale and collard slaw with watermelon vinaigrette
  • Cajun Chicken Thigh Gumbo

To finish up, there was a selection of desserts, themed around the four Disney Queens that were showcased during the event. Desserts included:

  • Bourbon Bread Pudding Beignet
  • Cruella De Vil White Panna Cotta with black chocolate sauce and mini white dog bones
  • Maleficent’s Purple Angel Food Cupcake
  • the Evil Queen’s Green Apple Mousse, with green glitter glaze, leaf, and chocolate stem
  • Maleficent’s Cheesecake Pushup with dark cherry gel
  • Queen of Heart’s Red Velvet Cupcake with heart sprinkles
  • the Evil Queen’s Green and Red Truffle
  • Queen of Heart’s Macarons with red heart
  • Cruella De Vil Chocolate Tart with Paw Print Coin

Credit: V Mills

The food during the night was delicious. Guests could help themselves to the buffet items as many times as they wished. Our favorite part was the desserts as we have a sweet tooth!

Bewitching Cocktails

A bar, known as Bar Potions, was placed on either side of the DJ booth, providing easy access to beverages for Guests to enjoy. In addition to a selection of beers, wine, and soda, Guests could also sip on four specialty cocktails, inspired by the Queens:

  • Devious Dalmatian (inspired by Cruella De Vil) – Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur, 2% Milk, Coconut Milk, Garnished with Boba Pearls
  • The Cursed Violet (inspired by Maleficent) – Citrus Vodka, Creme de Cassis, Monin Blackcurrant Syrup, and lemonade
  • Bleeding Heart Sangria (inspired by the Queen of Hearts)
  • Poisoned Apple (inspired by the Evil Queen) – Fireball Whiskey and Hard Cider

We loved sipping on the bewitching cocktails during the event. They certainly added to the atmosphere of the event, and also felt like a luxury, as we’d not had the chance to attend a Disney experience that included such a selection of alcoholic beverages before.

Hosted by Dr. Facilier

Whilst the host for the evening was Dr. Facilier, the club manager, Kanzo was also a star of the show. Kanzo even took center stage during the evening, treating Guests to a song or two. DJ Thibodeaux was spinning tunes right from the beginning of the evening, in his booth which offered as a main feature of the decor. The stage in front of the booth was lined with skull lights. Above the dance floor was a huge, crystal poised apple, which acted as an alternative disco ball – very fitting for the theme of the event.

Throughout the evening, Dr. Facilier was welcomed to the floor, to tell the tale of his ‘Club Villain’. He also circulated the room throughout the evening, stopping to interact with Guests. You were also able to get a photo with him – and what an incredible meet-and-greet this was!

Credit: V Mills

Towards the end of the event, the four Queens joined Dr. Facilier on the dance floor. Guests were even invited up to join in the celebrations. It wouldn’t have been a New Orleans-inspired event if there hadn’t been Mardi Gras beads too. These were given out during the finale, as a souvenir from the incredible evening Guests had the pleasure to experience.

Enchanting Encounters with Disney Villains

To allow the evening to run smoothly, each table was assigned a time to meet the Villains showcased during the event. An ‘invitation’ was presented with the table number, informing Guests of the allocated times to meet each Queen. There were 2 times throughout the evening: one specified to meet the Queen of Hearts and Cruella De Vil, and the other to meet Maleficent and the Evil Queen. When the Queens were backstage, Guests were allowed to take photos at each of the four throne areas.

When it was your turn to meet the Queens, Guests had a chance to interact as well as take photos.

The Evil Queen met Guests beside her Magic Mirror, and underneath a large medieval-style candelabra. Next to the Magic Mirror, the Huntsman’s box was placed on a table, adding a little touch of her story to her surroundings. Of course, the Evil Queen was also carrying a crystallized red apple, keeping theming on point and adding to the Disney experience.

The Queen of Hearts met in front of a golden throne, surrounded by a large heart thathad suffered being painted red just as the roses did in Alice in Wonderland (1951). She wasn’t impressed if you suggested spending an afternoon painting the roses red instead of having an afternoon tea party!

Credit: V Mills

Cruella De Vil was fabulous, darling! She greeted Guests in front of a plush red sofa, accessorized by black and white cushions, and of course a dalmatian throw. Her famous red telephone featured on a side table, giving Guests the feeling that they were inside her lounge. There was even a cute model of a dalmatian puppy alongside the sofa too!

Credit: V Mills

Maleficent’s thrown was magnificent, to say the least. Giving the impression of being made of stone, it towered above Guests providing the perfect backdrop for photos with the famous Sleeping Beauty (1959) villain.

Credit: V Mills

The End of the Wonderful Evening

Club Villain closed with a farewell from the four Queens, Kanzo, and Dr. Facilier on the dance floor. Following their exit, Guests were able to enjoy the rest of the evening in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, if they were at the 5:15 p.m. event. With Sunset Showcase being located so close to the Fantasmic! amphitheater, it was only right to end the evening with a viewing of the popular Disney show.

For Guests who had attended the 8:30 p.m. event, they had the perfect opportunity to get some photos in an empty Disney’s Hollywood Studios, providing Extra Magic Hours weren’t on during those evenings. Imagine how beautiful the photo was on an empty Sunset Boulevard with the Hollywood Tower Hotel as the backdrop!

We’d love to see Club Villain or a similar event return to Walt Disney World. It was a wonderful evening all around, from delicious food, divine cocktails, incredible entertainment, and magical photo opportunities. If you’re anything like us, we don’t feel that the Disney Villains star in the Disney Parks enough. As they say, a fairytale isn’t a fairytale without a good villain!

Sunset Showcase is currently occupied by Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy, offering Guests the opportunity to learn what it takes to be a champion racer in a high-octane show. So whilst Club Villain would not take place in this location if it was to return, we’d love to see it be featured in another space around Walt Disney World. One of the conference centers, or ballrooms in a Disney Deluxe Resort could act as a perfect location to host such an event.

For now, though, we’ll look forward to socializing with the Disney Villains at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party later this year! Be sure to reserve your tickets for a spook-tacular evening in Magic Kingdom!

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