Auction Houses Near Me [Locator Map + Bidding Guide + FAQ] (2023)

Auctions are a great way to get rid of unwanted items, but they can be confusing for people who have never been to one. They have also made a rapid shift to online, but you can still find live events. This blog post will cover the basics of how auction houses work, where to find one, and what you need to know before attending your first auction. I will also share my experience with the auction houses near me.

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What Are Auction Houses?

The first step to understanding how auctions work is knowing what they are. Auction houses are businesses that typically specialize in selling items at auction. That means that the person who has possession of the item must sell it before removing it from their possession. Auctions can be held for many different reasons and vary greatly depending on where you live.

For example, some businesses will use an auction house so people have a chance to buy new things when department stores are out of season or overstocked with certain types of merchandise. Some may also use auctions as an opportunity to liquidate assets quickly by getting rid of everything in one go instead of having multiple sales across several weeks or months.

Auction houses range in size, but larger ones usually have storage spaces large enough to hold large items like cars, boats, or RVs.

How Do the Auction Houses Near Me Work?

Depending on the auction house or seller, there are different types of auctions run. The most traditional is an English auction where an auctioneer presents an item and folks bid on it. Each new bid drives the price up incrementally.

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To bid at an auction you must first be a registered participant. You will register at a window and be required to provide identification. Most auctions only allow purchases in the form of cash or checks.

Some auction houses specialize in certain types of merchandise. One of the auction houses near me is home goods only. They deal in furniture, rugs, bedroom sets, and things revolving around home goods. Your local house may be different and be more of a general type of merchandise or specialized in some other way.

Learn What is Required Before You Attend

Before attending your first auction, you should always read the rules and regulations for that particular place. Hence, you know what is expected of buyers before entering any areas where they may be bidding on merchandise.

In some cases, a registration fee may be required to bid on certain items at auctions held by smaller companies with lower budgets. Some auctions are for licensed professionals only, like a vehicle dealer auction. These can only be attended by folks who are a licensed automobile dealer. For most events though it will not matter if you attend alone or bring friends. Anyone who plans to bid must have valid identification documents such as a driver’s license and proof of address (a utility bill).

You should also read the rules of bidding, understand what type of auction it is, how to make payment, when payment is due, and how to claim your won merchandise.

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What Type Of Bidding Will Be Used?

There are different ways to do bidding at auctions like proxy bidding and silent/live.

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Proxy means that you will not attend the auction yourself but rather have another person act as your agent by placing bids on items for you. This is usually done if individuals cannot make it to the event themselves or don’t want to risk being turned away due to overcrowding. This is another way to bypass needing a specialized license (like a dealer license). You can have someone with a license proxy bid on your behalf.

Live auctions are when buyers place their own bids in real-time. It can be done through a telephone system as well live by calling in your bid.

What is an Auction Event Like?

The best way to describe an auction event is like a large garage sale where the sellers are trying to get rid of everything they own as quickly as possible.

There will usually be an area for people who have registered and been approved to bid on items. Then another section for those who want to see what is being sold before making any decisions.

It’s important to remember that most auctions are final so if you’re not sure about an item. If you need more info ask one of the employees working there before placing any bids. They should also be able to answer any questions you may have about how the bidding process works or what type of payment methods are accepted.

Using the Auction Catalog to Get an Edge

At the auction houses near me, they publish a catalog of the items up for auction. Some do this with a physical print handouts, but most now have the catalog online. In the catalog you can see all the items and descriptions of them before the event.

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If you take time and do proper research you can get an edge over other bidders. For example lets say a Rolex watch was up for auction. The catalog will list te year, the model, the condition, and a description of its back story and functions.

You can use this information for the auction to:

  1. Look up comparable items on Ebay to make sure you don’t over bid.
  2. Make notes in the catalog about the questions you have about the item.
  3. Write down your highest and lowest bid next to the items you like so you have a plan.

What Kind Of Fees Do Auction Houses Charge for Selling Your Items?

Auction houses typically charge a commission percentage for any items that are sold, and this fee can vary depending on the company.

Sellers will also be responsible for paying the cost of shipping their item to the auction house as well as insurance in case it is damaged during transport. If an auction house does not sell your item, then you may be charged a return fee or storage costs if the piece needs to be kept at their location for an extended period of time.

The best way to avoid any surprises is by contacting the auction house beforehand and asking about all of the associated fees, so there are no misunderstandings when it comes time to sell your unwanted belongings.

The auction houses near me charge between 30% and 40% of the final hammer price. They can help you before hand to help estimate how much they think your items will sell at their event. This way you can do the math of their percentage and shipping your items to make sure it is worth it.

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How Often Do Auction Houses Hold Auctions?

Many auction houses will hold auctions on a weekly or monthly basis. Some of the larger and more reputable ones may only host them once every few months.

The frequency at which they’re held is usually determined by how much merchandise is available. Also they consider what types of items are being offered up for sale. Certain products do better than others depending on seasonality (such as winter clothing during the colder months).

What Types Of Items Are Usually Sold At Auction?

Everything from electronics equipment to antiques can potentially appear in an online auction house catalog. There are also specialized venues that only do one type auction like tools, vehicles, or even rare plants. It’s best to visit their website before attending any events, so you know exactly what you’ll see at the event.

Some common things included in most listings include furniture, tools, vehicles, and jewelry, but there are no guarantees that everything will be the same at each auction house.

Auction Houses Near Me Conclusion

Auctions can be a lot of fun, but they’re also known for attracting some serious spenders who are looking to snatch up a good deal on high-priced items. If you’re not prepared to compete with other buyers, then it’s best to stay away from anything that has a price tag above your budget.

The key is to do your research in advance. Know how many similar products have sold in the past. Come into the event with a realistic plan of what you’re willing to spend. That way, you won’t end up disappointed if you don’t win the bid on your dream item, and you won’t have to worry about going over budget if something catches your eye.

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Auction houses can be a great place to find unique treasures. It’s important to remember that there is always someone out there who is willing to pay more than you are. Be prepared to compete with other buyers, bring enough money with you, and ask lots of questions. This is what I have learned from attending events at the auction houses near me.


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